Belleek Classic Tara 4x6 Frame

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Belleek Classic Tara 4x6 Frame

The Belleek Tara collection takes part of its inspiration from the intricate Celtic knot found on the Tara brooch. The Tara brooch was discovered in the 19th century near the area of a cliff collapsed into the sea at Bettystown Co.Meath. It is thought that such a brooch possibly came from the Royal seat of the ancient High Kings of Ireland at Tara, some miles away. The Belleek Tara 4 x 6 Frame is beautifully embossed with a celtic design.Handcrafted in Ireland and featuring the iconic hand painted shamrocks.
•Made in Ireland
•Features iconic Handpainted Shamrocks
•Holds 6x4 Photograph
•Measures 17cmW x 22.2cmH